The 1 Million Email Subscriber Playbook is a deep-dive guide into how blogger and best-selling author, James Clear, grew his email list to over 1 million subs. More

Having a massive audience is one of the best ways to start a business and form a career around your ideas.

But the problem is building that audience for your content in the first place. (“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! …please?”)

It’s time to take some lessons from successful author, entrepreneur, and master of good habits, James Clear.

Download the 1 Million Email Subscriber Playbook

How did James Clear grow his newsletter following from 0 subs all the way to over 1 million? That’s the big question we wanted to answer with the 1 Million Email Subscriber Playbook.

So we analyzed how Clear writes and promotes his content, along with how quickly his newsletter grew during different time periods.

You’ll learn how many hours Clear puts into writing a single article. (Hint: it’s usually longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.)

We’ll show you the distribution tactics Clear used all the way back in 2012—as well as the distribution he’s using today, and many years in between.

Download 1 Million Email Subscriber Playbook!

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