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7 Million companies directory is a fresh and relevant data set of businesses.

This directory is primarily targeted to be used by developers building applications that require company information.

Our database contains all the relevant fields for each company, such as – name, description, website, location, phone number and email ID etc.

The JSON format allows you to get a list of over 7 million companies in a single click.

All company data is pulled from a wide range of websites, including LinkedIn and other business-related websites.

It Includes:

  • Company Name
  • Company Domain
  • Industry
  • Year Founded
  • Company Size Range
  • LinkedIn Company Page URL
  • Headquarter Location
  • Offices Location
  • Current Employees Estimate
  • Total Employees present on LinkedIn

With the help of TexAu, you can further enrich this data and obtain company details and various details about the company, including Facebook and Instagram links, company employees, and much more.

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