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Host engaging virtual events that drive real connections and revenue

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You want to host a meaningful event, but figuring out how to engage virtual attendees isn’t easy. (“Hello to our 230 participants! It’s great to see all of your blank, black squares.”)

No matter how friendly you are, you can’t form real connections and network authentically when you’re stuck behind a limited online platform.

Say hello to Remo.

It is an event platform that lets you host immersive virtual events that drive engagement, foster real connections, and boost revenue.

Host engaging virtual events that drive real connections

Remo’s is packed with features designed to break the ice, so facilitating networking opportunities feels as natural as in-person interactions.

Your participants can virtually “walk up” to tables that host up to 24 participants via private audio-video chats, giving them space for genuine conversation and connection.

Choose from over 30 premade floor plans where guests can interact via screen sharing, whiteboards, and even GIF exchanges.

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