The new custom post type manager on WordPress is called ACPT, and it allows you to effortlessly create custom post types for your website. More

ACPT is the new custom post type manager that helps you to craft your website from inside WordPress.

There is no need to create child themes or write PHP.

Plus, no coding skills are required!

Register and manage new custom post types in seconds. Take total control and become a master of your CPTs.

You can also register, manage, and associate custom new taxonomies in just 3 clicks.

The new repeater (grouped) field allows you to create advanced designs.

It also comes with a Gutenberg integration that lets you generate the ACPT custom short-code with an interactive block.

Manage ACPT meta fields in the Elementor editor with an Elementor custom widget.

A custom WooCommerce integration lets you generate and manage product data in just a few clicks.

It has a custom APIs dashboard that lets you use WordPress as a headless CMS, an interactive template builder that lets you take control of your website design, and a feature that lets you import/export data.

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