Adminify enables you to edit and manage your website’s admin interface from the front end. It also allows you to create, delete, and update pages on your site. More

Are you are finding your WordPress site a mess due to a lack of proper organization?

WordPress Dashboard customization is now easier than before with WP Adminify.

Adminify can be your best choice as a WordPress Dashboard plugin because of its clean UI and lightweight size. Also, the interface with 18 super modules will make your WordPress dashboard more enjoyable.

It’s a lightweight plugin with hundreds of features that allow you to customize almost everything on your site. You don’t need to be an expert to operate it. Just keep exploring everything and you’ll get uncountable options to modify and customize.

Admin Columns

With this module, you can manage and organize the WordPress admin columns into clear, straightforward lists. You can transform your WordPress admin screens into streamlined overviews.

Media/Post Type Folders

The folder is a handy module by WP Adminify that lets you organize all your Pages, Posts, and Media files. It supports any post type like WooCommerce product.

It’s easy to drag and drop posts or media into different folders.

Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights will help you make decisions to improve the performance of your website.

Google Lighthouse is integrated here that provides you with better suggestions to make a fast webpage. Browse history to compare your present and past results.

Admin Notices

Do you want to stop the notices from bothering you at the top of every page in your WordPress dashboard? With Disable Notice module you can get rid of all notices and get more space on the dashboard to focus on content creation.

Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor module helps you to modify your Dashboard menu item Name, URL, Icon. You can change permissions for certain user roles too. 2000+ awesome icons packed for your use.

Login Customizer

Login Page Customizer lets you customize your login page with just a few clicks using the WordPress Customizer.

Before saving your settings you can check what’s happening. 16 pre-built login page templates will save your time.

Activity Logs

Have you ever wanted to know what was being done on your WordPress site? With the Activity Log module, you can monitor everything that happens on the WordPress website. It’s like a security camera for your site, that monitors everything.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments module is designed for admins to disable commenting on any post, page, or attachment page. Not only this, you can hide existing comments, and all comment-related dashboard options too.

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