Meet adOptimizer! Using data from these ad variations, adOptimizer’s A.I. algorithms will select the best ads for your target audience. More

You start by providing adOptimizer with 5 creatives and your target audience.

From those 5 creatives, It will create several ad variations in just seconds!

Using the data from testing those ad variations, adOptimizer’s A.I. algorithms will select the best ads for your targeted audience.

It eliminates the unavoidable guesswork that comes with setting up an ad.

Let’s take Facebook for example:Without historical information, figuring out which parameters to use when setting up a Facebook ad is impossible.

However, adOptimizer is able to select the best-performing placements, audiences, creatives, and copy based on real-time data from Facebook and Google’s API — meaning you can feel confident about getting the best ROI on your ad.

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