Affiliate Corner is the most comprehensive and accurate data-driven affiliate marketing research solution in the world. More

Let’s face it. Finding a high-paying affiliate program and the right niche can be a long and very tedious process. You start asking these questions

Am I choosing the right niche?

Choosing the wrong niche can be worse. It can cost you a lot of time, money and resources.

Am I selecting the right affiliate program? Is this even good?

Then there’s the dilemma of weighing in all the factors such as reputation, commission structure, earning potential, competition, etc..

How do I even promote this product? Umm, confused.

You don’t know who your target audience is and how to promote this product without being a seller. Seriously, a tough problem to solve.

What if I don’t get any traffic and sales? What can I do?

This is the scariest question. This could be worse when you don’t have a plan B and all your efforts go in vain.

Sounds relatable?

Meet Affiliate Corner

Affiliate Corner is the most comprehensive and accurate data-driven affiliate marketing research solution in the world.

Our unique technology not only saves you a ton of time and money, but also helps you make better decisions in an instant.

Choose the Right Affiliate Program

Confused about which affiliate program you should enroll in? Find and select the right affiliate program as per your profession from our database of 1400+ affiliate programs.

  • 1400+ Affiliate Programs, 60+ Niches, 18+ Data Points.
  • Insights on how a particular affiliate program is unique from the others.
  • Easily filter as per professions, earning potential, average order value, etc.

Get Trends, Industry & Commission Insights

Choosing a niche that has a declining trend can be risky. Not anymore.

  • Get overall trend insights of every niche (Powered by Glimpse).
  • Know how much you can earn per month per sale (for every niche).
  • Get a birds-eye view of your niche with industry & market insights.

Unlock SEO & Audience Insights

Get an SEO overview, download low competition keywords, and analyze your target audience with our done-for-you research.

  • Get insights on which blog posts and keywords other affiliates target.
  • Replicate their SEO strategy with our Ahrefs powered research.
  • Analyze what your target audience talks about & which sites they visit.

Get Promotion Strategies for your Affiliate niche

Don’t know how to promote your affiliate product? We have got you covered.

  • Unlock 15+ creative promotion ideas for every niche.
  • Never run out of promotion ideas and diversify your affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Know who your target audience is and create content accordingly.

Stop worrying today and start affiliate marketing right away.

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