AfloatChat is an advanced bot-powered social marketing platform that brings enterprise-grade tools for businesses. More

Creating, managing, and optimizing multiple Social Media campaigns can be very tiring and take you too long.

A delay of every minute exponentially reduces their chances of converting a user.

With Afloatchat the days of managing individual campaigns is over.

AfloatChat is an advanced bot-powered social marketing platform that brings enterprise-grade social marketing tools for businesses of all sizes.

Create campaigns that target each lead group based on their purchase journey.

Converts, upsell, support, and creat exceptional social media engagement for their audiences.

There’s much more in this one single tool

Let’s continue further to understand more about what this unique tool is all about!

No Coding Required

Create and deploy intelligent social media bots without the hassle of coding, testing, and managing the bot.

Seamlessly Integrated

Enjoy a seamlessly integrated service that centralizes your marketing efforts across all popular social media.

Proven Track Record

A robust chatbot platform that’s tested and deployed by hundreds of businesses.

Unprecedented Control

Automate engagement, send bulk messages, reply to individual users, and build your followers list rapidly

Audience Insights

Get deep insights about your audience – their behavior, location, gender, age, social influence, and more.

Smart Decisions

Understand your brand’s engagement with your audience and its impact. Fine-tune your strategy to drive conversions.

Whether you are a marketing consultant, employee, or an agency, the powerful features offered by AfloatChat allow you to create, run, and manage formidable social media strategies and campaigns that drastically improve marketing ROI for your clients and employers.

Start managing your business with one tool now.

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