Airmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive virtual events and offer real networking opportunities for participants. More

Virtual events are a mixed bag.

At best, they’re like live YouTube videos with a sea of irrelevant comments, and at worst, they’re an awkward waltz where everyone speaks at once or not at all (“No, you go first.”).

You’re looking for an online platform that keeps attendees engaged, while offering the unique networking opportunities of an in-person event.

Introducing Airmeet.

Airmeet brings the thrill (and usefulness) of a virtual arena with the ability to set up exhibitor booths for your partners and sponsors.

Networking is what really sets Airmeet apart from the competition.

Participants will have access to a social lounge that features virtual tables of up to 8 members, plus the host.

You can join any table you like, with the option to switch between tables at your discretion (like when someone starts talking about baby showers).

Don’t leave participants wondering if this live event could have been a YouTube video (the new “Could this meeting have been an email?”).

Airmeet gives you a versatile digital platform to host interactive events that actually keep participants engaged, plus lets them network and build bonds for a fulfilling experience.