Create meaningful courses through our simple hosted solution. Don’t worry about creating a website, hosting videos, we have all of that sorted for you. More

If you’ve learned anything from school, it probably has little to do with actually running one. (“Got nothing on course creation, but I do know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”)

Developing an online course is enough stress, let alone all the technical know-how and hours of troubleshooting it takes after launch.

What if there was a tool that took care of the tech stuff, so you could focus on what matters most—the actual course?

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Airschool is a code-free tool that helps you launch, sell, and scale successful online courses.

Thanks to Airschool, you don’t need coding skills or a bunch of tools to get your course up and running.

You can easily set up recorded, and cohort-based online courses in a few simple steps from the Create dashboard.

Add custom curriculums, course descriptions, images, and videos—then all you have to do is hit publish and you’re done!

You can also set up a presale page to drive sales to your course ahead of its launch

Once your course is up and running, it’s a breeze to manage as you scale with the help of powerful analytics.

Airschool gives you total control over your leads, with conversions data conveniently available on a detailed dashboard.

You have knowledge to share, but when it comes to coding, you’re not quite Neo. (“I know Kung Fu…Panda… trivia.”)

Airschool gives you all the tools you need to launch and run a successful online course, even if you skipped computer science class.

Take your online course above and beyond.

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