AKVIS Decorator is a tool to apply textures to objects in order to preserve their volume while following their folds, which adds a very natural touch. More

Do you want to make with a click a car in snakeskin or a statue dressed in fine clothes? With AKVIS Decorator you can create things that were unimaginable even to Mother Nature.

It lets you change the surface of an object in a realistic manner. There is a great variety of patterns in the built-in Texture Library, more than 1800 textures, to apply; from fabrics to stones and metal, from food to nature elements. You can even apply your own texture.

The software follows the underlying features of the object, the texture that already exists.

The new pattern looks absolutely natural and makes you see things differently

  • Change the surface of an object in a realistic manner
  • Select a part of an image & apply new textures to it
  • Choose from over 1,800 textures & patterns in the built-in Texture Library
  • Apply your own texture by uploading an image as a texture file into the library

Experiment with Decorator to discover its full potential!