AKVIS OilPaint allows users to get the most out of their photographs, even if they have little or no artistic skills, as their oil paintings are sure to impress all. More

The oil painting technique is widely used for creating artworks in different artistic styles – Impressionism, Abstract art, Photorealism, and others.

Even if you are not a professional painter you can create your own masterpiece! Just use AKVIS OilPaint to turn a regular photo into an oil painting.

Adjusting the density, texture, and thickness of the brush strokes, you can not only get impressive effects but also find your own painting style.

The software offers a number of ready to use Presets that let you familiarize yourself with the features.

Using the additional post-processing tools you can add final touches to your painting, and strengthen or reduce the oil effect on certain areas.

Begin creating your own masterpieces

Oil Painting Effect

Turn a regular photo into an oil painting

Artistic Edge Effect

Add artistic messy strokes to the painting’s edges

Abstract Art

Turn any image into a unique abstract painting full of vibrant colors & fantastical shapes


Familiarize yourself with the features

Batch Processing

Automatically create a series of images in the oil painting style


Add final touches to your painting & strengthen or reduce the oil effect

AKVIS OilPaint is vastly configurable and the program gives a vast amount of control over your finished artwork.