Schedule follow-up appointments with clients, set break reminders, run the office radio, set project timers, or discreetly monitor employee workspaces with Alarm clock. More

From the tinker-tonk of an incoming phone call, car horns during rush hour, and loud neighbors, we are all over-saturated with noise!

Wake up to the serenity of your musical selection instead with Alarm Clock Pro by Koingo Software! With the sheer amount of functionality Alarm Clock Pro offers, it can easily integrate into nearly every aspect of your life.

Speak or display your favorite inspirational quotes randomly throughout the day, or even send them as text messages to your cell phone!

Have important reminders, or even birthday cards, e-mailed to contacts—record laps with the stopwatch.

Track time differences for your investment portfolio and perform automated tasks. Even use it to help cook dinner by using the timer!

Make your time more productive with Alarm Clock

iTunes interaction – Select from any iTunes media source & play a single song or an entire playlist

Internet radio, movies, & more – Play a streaming URL, play a movie, or open a photo

Send emails – Send custom-tailored email messages

Send text messages – Send custom-tailored text messages

Onscreen notifications – Display visual alerts onscreen

Audio fader – Fade in & out of movies and music

Timer – Create an unlimited number of countdown timers

Stopwatch – Easily time events or projects

Alarm Clock Pro is one of the only affordable universal solutions for your needs!