Allswers is a survey platform that enables companies to manage, measure and optimize customer and employee experience. More

The Experience Management Platform enables decision makers to use real-time data to make better decisions.


  • Incorporates specialist SME measurement models for customer experience (CSAT and NPS) and employee experience (commitment, 90Β° evaluation)
  • Automates workflow management for processes relating to the ISO and EFQM quality standards.
  • Integrates with leading ecommerce and CRMS platforms.
  • Creates specialist dashboards and calls to action for publishing on social media, alerts for customer service.
  • Fully functional survey tool available from the basic version.

The differentiating factors are:

Value for money. The more affordable versions, aimed at SMEs, include a fully functional survey tool as well as measurement solutions for customer and employee experience and Customisable specialised dashboards and calls to Action.

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