This Product data pre-defined extractor is designed to scrape all detailed product information from Amazon departments, categories, product or search pages. More

Need to get data from Amazon for your ecommerce store, but don’t know how to code your own web scraper?

Or maybe you’ve tried to code a web scraper, but keep getting blocked and spending all your time trying to get the data rather than using it to grow your business?

WebAutomation’s Amazon Product Data Extractor is the answer!

With it, you can get Amazon data without coding, worrying about proxies, or dealing with developers.

WebAutomation’s pre-built Amazon web scraper lets you easily extract data like product name, price, image, and description from Amazon, without writing any code.

We take care of the infrastructure, so you get accurate, usable data, every time.

All you need is a starter URL from Amazon to get started. You’ll get an email notification when your data is ready and login to download your data as csv, xml, xlsx, or json files.

You can schedule it to run on a regular basis, and connect to your other systems using our API.