Ltdhunt Lifetime Deal Analyserpro
Ltdhunt Lifetime Deal Analyserpro

See what your competitors don’t want you to see with AnalyserPro

Get insights in your competitor’s social media strategy and build a fully optimized strategy to outsmart your competition

If you’re just getting your business off the ground, chances are you don’t have enough data and insights to formulate an solid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

But, you know who does?

Your competition.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if you had special access to view how the public reacts to their digital strategy?

Well, now you do.

Meet AnalyserPro.

AnalyserPro is a social analytics tool that you can use to ‘spy’ on competitors, but also to analyse your own social strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s helps you understand what your competitors do on Facebook and how people react to their digital strategy.

Essentially, AnalyserPro is giving you behind the scenes access to what works and what doesn’t.

While AnalyserPro does provide the traditional likes and engagement reports, it also dives much deeper than that to bring you boosted posts, data correlation, and much more.

For example, you can learn:

  • Who your competitors’ top fans are…
  • How people react to their posts…
  • What makes their audience angry / sad / wow-ed…
  • What they’re sharing with their fiends…
  • And more!

This is incredibly important info when you are looking to run a successful Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign of your own.

Now, normally, access to AnalyserPro costs $49,99 per month.

However, you are in luck today!

Today, LTD Hunters can grab lifetime access to AnalyserPro for only $49!

That’s lifetime access to:

  • Competitor Spying
  • Suitable for Facebook and Instagram
  • Social ROI Analytics
  • Inbound Cycle Analytics
  • Social Mixer Tool
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Last 15 posts per profile
  • 15 Brands
  • 45 Profiles

If you purchase 2 deals, you will get access to their Agency plan. You will then get access for 25 brands, 75 profiles and 25 posts per profile.

Ready to start seeing what the competition is doing?

Get now Analyser Pro lifetime deal!


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