Save time and eliminate manual data exports by automating API data imports into Google Sheets with Apipheny. More

If you’re currently manually exporting data from a software platform and then copying and pasting that data into Google Sheets, you can stop now. (Seriously… step away from the spreadsheet.)

Nowadays, almost all software has an API attached to it – a raw data pipeline that anyone can tap into with the right tool.

Thankfully, Apipheny is the only tool you need to do just that.

Simply enter your API URL address, basic parameters, and headers into the add-on, and then click “Run.” That’s it! No need to write any code.

The API data automatically connects, imports, and populates into your Google Sheet.

If you’re curious to learn how to use an API – or you just want to get API data into your Google Sheets in a more efficient, timely manner – now’s your chance.

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