Apploye lets you track time, monitor and schedule your employee’s activity for a better and productive workforce. More

Apploye is an amazing tool that lets you track time, monitor and schedule your employees for a better and productive workforce.

Are you unable to track and monitor your employees’ activities all the time?

Constantly keeping a check on the progress of your workforce manually is extremely tiring and time-consuming! Plus that hampers your productivity!

With the growth of remote working options, as an employer, you need to make sure that you what you pay for.

Apploye lets you use a set of tools to consistently minimize time-wasting and manage your team.

What makes Apploye special?

It’s a simple time tracking app which monitors the activities of your employees and sets you free from all your worries

Let’s understand more about Apploye and how can it benefit you and your business!

Online Timesheet – Track where and how time is spent in your company

Online Timesheet

  • Focus on your business, not on problems

Apploye mainly focuses on ensuring the clients’ satisfaction and work progress. At the same time, it combines time and employee scheduling with GPS location tracker.

  • Assign specific task individually for the best outcome

With Apploye’s timesheet, you can assign specific task individually to each team member by dividing one big project into different segments. Assigning specific tasks assures the accomplishable outcome.

Add Task

  • Adding time entries manually or automatically

It allows you to track time both ways- automatically and manually with high-quality timesheet as per one’s preference. No problem if you missed enrolling an employee’s working hours. Managers can permit team members to enter manual time or turn off manual time tracking.

  • It’s hard to believe but working with Apploye’s online timesheet can be real fun

It brings a smile of relief in growing teams and remote staff with its easy time tracking method.

Online Timesheet (1)

Employee Scheduling – Powerful scheduling allows you to schedule absent employees and Holidays. Assign shifts, track who ’s late or absent and fill up vacant shifts

  • Preplan and schedule your employees’ shifts

With Apploye’s employee scheduling you can assign shifts, track who ’s late or absent and fill up vacant shifts. You can also send time off request and schedule holidays beforehand without slowing down your progress.

Employee Schedule

  • Modernize communication in a productive way

Apploye connects everyone in the team and energizes the workforce to be more productive. Examine your team’s performance by reviewing late attendance, missed shifts, overtime hours and holidays with Apploye’s powerful employee scheduling feature.

  • A Time Saver feature to schedule scattered employees across single or multiple locations

This feature is very flexible which helps you to plan, organize and schedule scattered employees across single or multiple locations. Thus it saves your precious time.

  • Eradicate the communication gap between employees and owner

Eradicate any chance of communication gap between employees and owners through Apploye’s employee scheduling feature. It informs employees in advance about their upcoming project and enables them to prepare for it.

And more…

– Projects & Tasks – Track time based on projects & tasks. Assign a project manager to monitor and oversee projects.

– Employee Monitoring – Monitor the progress of your projects visually with random screenshots, application usage, and URL tracking.

– Productivity level -Apploye allows you to increase the productivity level and minimize time-wasting by observing the employees individually.

– Apps & URL Tracking – Get an overview of each employee’s apps usage & URL visits.

– Managing Field Services -Schedule outdoor employees for given tasks, dispatch them, track time and monitor progress in real-time.

– GPS Location Tracker -Track outdoor employee’s location and attendance by GPS tracker to ensure when and where they are working.