– A tool that lets you organize all your knowledgebase documents and projects together for your team. More

When you run a business you start with your R&D documents and slowly as your business grows, your team grows as well.

With that, the document category increases and so does the rest number of files.

But managing them together when they are spread all over the places in various different tools is quite a tedious task.

With more work, comes more data, files, lists, projects, etc and to be able to keep everything nicely organized and aligned at one place helps you save a lot of time resulting in being more productive.

And with that, we have a perfect software for you. – A tool that lets you organize all your knowledgebase documents and projects together for your team.

With Archbee you can document

Your Team Wiki 

Create a fast real-time WIKI to help towards your team’s growth.


Share knowledge about your products and services to your real customers that helps build great relations with them.

Project Documentation 

Build amazing project documents with Archbee’s native diagrams, API docs, tables, change-logs, maps and more.


Take down any type of notes like personal, team, technical ,meeting. Everything!

With more rich features Archbee also offers

Collaborative editor

You’ll never again hit save just to find out there’s a conflict. All actions are synced in realtime so your team collaborates freely and efficiently.

Build up your team on different floors, buildings, countries, timezones or continents.

External Docs

Share your knowledge with your customers. Simply compile the best know-how about the product.

Archbee will generate & host your docs on your own domain with free SSL. Share the site publicly, protect it with a password, or create free guest-accounts for it.

Chat on docs

Create a doc and share it with your team for better communication. Build a realtime document chat with mentions of team mates, documents, document blocks.

Native diagrams

Drag and drop from over 250.000 libraries, SaaS, APIs and cloud services. Archbee has native diagramming capabilities, and more.

Real code editor 

Tech teams often get together and sketch out the codes.

They play around with different APIs until they find the right one.

GraphiQL for modern API workflows 

With the native GraphiQL, your team will never have to host your GraphQL site again.

Just point Archbee’s GraphiQL component to your GraphQL endpoint and you’re done.


Ready to use templates for your team’s docs, know-how, brainstorms, meeting minutes and more

Semantic searching 

Find out where the information is using Archbee’s blazing fast search technology.