Argear is an AR development platform that includes an SDK, content library, and CMS console for simple implementation of AR features. More

You’ve had your eye on augmented reality (AR) development ever since Snapchat made it cool to turn your face into a puppy.

But development costs are steep, and free software development kits are super tough to implement.

You need a comprehensive, user-friendly platform to tackle all your AR dev needs.

Your days of scouring the web for developer tools and sample code to get augmented reality features online are officially over.

All you need to do is port ARGear and you can add the AR features you like right away.

Plus, you’ll have access to the robust content library and CMS console for easy implementation and management.

Dive into an all-in-one platform for AR app developers featuring a rich library, software development kits, and a smooth CMS console.

Enjoy essential AR features, like a face tracker, filters, and segmentation in a lightweight SDK.

Get access to a library of popular AR content, with consistent new content updates!

Decide which features and content will go into your apps with the sleek CMS console.