Attention Insight improves design success with pre-launch analytics that give you valuable feedback before you hit publish. More

Unless you’ve perfected the art of TikTok, you need an effective way to compete for your user’s limited attention. (…is dabbing still cool?)

But it’s hard to test what’s working and what’s not before you launch your new design.

When time is money, you’ve got to make user-centric, data-driven decisions about your designs, without the labor-heavy process of data collection.

Now you can with Attention Insight.

To test a design, simply create a study and upload an image. Or if you’re testing a live page, enter the URL.

Attention Insight Heatmaps, powered by AI, indicate how the users group attention distributes between specific design objects.

Test areas of interest to see what percentage of user attention each design element gets

Alexa Site Rank lets you compare your design clarity with Top 170 Alexa sites in different categories of your industry standard, like Landing, E-commerce, and News Media.

Clarity scores measure how clear your design is.

Use the compare feature to implement A/B testing to test multiple versions of your design for higher conversion rates.

Compare different design versions side by side to make data-driven decisions

The Attention Insight Chrome Extension makes it easy to evaluate your website design.

Analyze your website using the Chrome Extension feature.

Attention Insight is designed to seamlessly combine with your current workflow.

Attention Insight Plugin seamlessly integrates with Adobe XD, along with Sketch

Attention Insight lets you see your design through the eyes of your users, to make sure you’re getting the attention you want — and deserve!