Axonaut is a complete CRM for small businesses that lets you manage contacts, revenue, expenses, invoices, and more. More

Growing a business means getting cozy with acronyms. (“I need the B2B CLV and ROI after those UX updates by EOW.” What have I become…)

But after months of headaches from switching between tools, CRM is the acronym at the top of your list.

Want to simplify your business with one outstanding customer relationship management platform that keeps track of contacts, invoices, revenue, expenses, and more?

Get ready for Axonaut.

Quotes and invoices make sure you’ll have the tools you need to get paid, too.

Create a customizable quote from the available templates, then generate a corresponding invoice with a single click.
We live in the age of online orders, so Axonaut lets you check your cashflow in real time. (“Personalized Toblerone bars are a business expense, right?”)

You can connect your bank account to reconcile transactions, then get detailed statistics on revenue and expense trends.
Axonaut also fits snugly into your marketing strategy.

You can plan, prepare, and send emails, text messages, and good ol’ fashioned snail mail right from your account.