B2B Leads Directory by Targetron is a database of local businesses. The dataset contains millions of companies all over the world. More

Database of B2B sales leads with email addresses and phone numbers.

Find phone numbers, email addresses, and other contacts from our complete list of local businesses.

B2B Leads Directory by Targetron is a database of local businesses!

In this dataset, we have compiled millions of companies from all around the world, their email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, as well as other information that can be used in cold outreach and marketing efforts.

Explore advanced filtering capabilities. Targetron gives you the ability to filter with many options. It allows marketers to export the leads to a very specific niche.

For instance, it’s possible to find plumbers without websites in Palo Alto. Having filters like this will drastically increase the conversion of your marketing campaigns.

This database is continuously updated by Targetron, and it is enriched from many sources (Facebook, Google, websites, etc.).

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