We help you automate your backlink outreach and monitor your backlink profile so that you can gain more backlinks and grow your traffic.

We save SEO teams hundreds of hours, by helping track key backlinks from paid, exchange, outreach and other campaign sources. Detect a change. Know exactly what to fix.

  • Backlink Overview
  • Analytics
  • Link Status
  • Anchors
  • Domain Data
  • Top Pages

The easiest way to Build & Monitor Backlinks

BacklinksThe traditional way is to obtain backlinks, but do you ever track them afterwards to see if those backlinks are still live, as effective and working for your SEO efforts?

Automated Notifications

Get notified when an essential backlink changes status from dofollow to nofollow or goes offline.

Analytics & Trends

Monitor trends, keywords and positions as well as anchors to see how well you compare with competitors.

Domain Metrics

A single crawl reveals domain metrics to give you detailed insights on each backlink, its value and trust score.


  • Backlink Overview
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Competitor Insights*
  • Dofollow / Nofollow Monitoring
  • Link Distribution
  • Monitor Changes
  • Auto Backlink Import
  • Manage Projects
  • Detailed Reporting*

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