Collect documents, videos, links and audio files in one place so your audience can quickly find what they need. More

Ever tried getting all your customer resources together in the same place? (It’s like herding cats.)

Most businesses have dozens of files scattered across hard drives, Dropbox, Google Suite and whatever video hosting platform you’re using these days.

These resources are valuable business assets and if your customers can’t easily access them then they may as well not exist.

Meet Beacon

Beacon helps you to organise these files in one central location so your customers can search, filter and browse to find what they need.

Ensure your resources are presented consistently by managing everything in one central location. No more juggling multiple tools and subscriptions just to keep your library up and running.

A good resource library will directly contribute to your marketing goals

When resources are collected together they will generate a consistent level of leads, even when they’re not being promoted individually.

As your one-stop-shop for creating and publishing lead magnets, Beacon is the fastest and smartest way to grow your email list.

Not many tools out there let you handle every stage of the lead magnet process from start to finish—that’s what makes Beacon one-of-a-kind.

Configure your opt-in form once, then connect the library to your preferred email marketing platform. You can even segment subscribers based on which resource they download.

Our Smart Subscriber feature means that your readers only have to enter their email address once. This increases the chances of them downloading more resources and gives you a better picture of who they are.

You can build a resource library for a wide range of use cases

Video Library

Wouldn’t it be great if people could browse and search your videos without a third party algorithm recommending competitors in the sidebar?

If you create a video library with Beacon then you are in complete control. More than that, you can embed the entire library in your own website and keep people on-site.

You can upload your video files directly or link to a third party hosting service.

Podcast Library

Let’s say you’ve gone to all the trouble of recording a bunch of podcasts. Where do they live?

Somewhere else of course!

You’ve gone to all that effort and you’re not even getting any of that sweet SEO juice.

Why not embed a resource library of previous podcast episodes on your website so people can easily browse your back catalog?

You’ll get new listeners, improve your search ranking and make your archive easier to search. Everyone wins!

Affiliate Collection

Recommending a series of products usually means a boring list that is text heavy and difficult to browse.

Instead, why not create a destination library of products that is categorized and searchable.

Embedding the library in your site will give you all the SEO benefits of a static page but a better user experience for your audience.

A better user experience means that your library is more useful and ultimately more shareable, resulting in more traffic.

Asset Repository

Let’s say you need to share a collection of assets with your audience.

A well presented, categorized collection is much easier for the user to browse and easier for you to maintain.

Need to update a file? No problem, just switch it in the Beacon editor and your audience will have instant access to the latest version.

Collect documents, videos, links and audio files in one place so your audience can quickly find what they need.

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