The Best Lead Magnet Creator Lifetime Deal

Here, we will discuss the importance of having a professional, high-converting lead magnet and recommend the best creator currently available on a lifetime deal. More

You work hard to generate traffic to your website, social engagement is growing, organic rankings are steadily improving, more people are reading your pages.

Yet, you are struggling to capture that audience in the long run.

Having a professional lead magnet creator might be the answer.

Why you shouldn’t settle for a generic “subscribe to get blog updates” form

A recent study conducted just this month shows that the average number of pages visited per session is 2.7. More than 4.2 and you are in the best 20%.

The study doesn’t discuss average sessions per user but we bet the numbers are the same — the majority of website visitors do not generate more than 2-4 sessions to your marketing site.

These metrics would be even lower if your audience is coming from Google. Most people search for specific info and leave your website as soon they find that information.

Pro tip: to check these metrics for your website go to Google Analytics → Audience → Overview

What does that mean for you?

It means, you have one (or maybe two chances) to capture that audience, otherwise, your visitors are lost in the dark void of the web and might never take a glimpse at your website again.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to collect that interest is through lead magnets. An incentive for someone to leave their email.

Once you have their email you can nurture that audience, and provide more value.

That’s why you need a professional lead magnet creator.

A great lead magnet solves an immediate problem, is relevant, and provides tangible value. If you are wondering how to create a high-converting lead magnets, we got you covered.

Here’s tool we recommend and use: Designrr Lifetime Deal.

What is Designrr Lifetime Deal

Using Designrr, you can create professional looking ebooks within minutes. You can customize them easily and export them into a PDF or flipbook.

It’s a great solution for anyone looking to launch ebooks without breaking the bank and without having to hire a designer.

For a lifetime license, Designrr price is incredibly reasonable!

Here’s how to create beautiful lead magnet using this tool:

Get Designrr’s lifetime deal before it is closed.

This is probably the best lead magnet creator available.