Whether you’re looking to lose some weight at home, get a personal diet plan or get personal trainer advice, BetterMe has got you covered. More

Personalized programs with you in mind

BetterMe is the easiest tool to lose weight: we’ve already done all the planning and created focused workouts and diet-specific meals so that you can enjoy life while looking and feeling your best.

Individual meal plans for everyone

Take advantage of the world’s best nutritionists and highly customizable meal plans.
  • Eat only what you like
  • Shopping made easy with a grocery list
  • Shopping made easy with a grocery list

All-new targeted workouts

No matter if you’ve never tried a workout in your life or have done them all, we have a course for you.

  • Personalized problem zone workouts
  • No equipment
  • Certified teachers and coaches

Support every step of the way

Check out hundreds of articles on various topics, from tips and tricks on how to lose weight at a certain age to ways of cultivating positive mindset while dieting.
  • Tips and tricks
  • Various topics
  • Professional authors