BL.INK is a flexible short link management platform that helps you manage, monitor, and measure every click across every channel. More

Right now, your links are just like your nephew’s at-home plays: too long and you have no idea where they’re going. (“I fell asleep during Act 3 with the robot dinosaurs.”)

It takes time to build your audience and create great content, and you need trackable links that work for your brand.

Meet the link shortening tool that monitors every engagement, protects your data, and helps your audience click with confidence.

Introducing BL.INK.

BL.INK lets you securely shorten your links with branded domains and include tracking tags and Google Analytics variables.

You’ll be able to track and monitor all your links, no matter the source.

With BL.INK, every aspect of your links are editable, so you can easily change and update your links at any time.

Change destination links, update tracking tags and campaign names, or get notified via email whenever you get clicks.

BL.INK brings all the analytics right to your fingertips—get clicks by day, hour, geography, and device for a quick look into your campaign performance.

BL.INK is your reliable and dynamic short link solution that offers everything you need to maximize customer engagement.