The fastest way to copy text & search for videos, images, PDFs, anything! It’s a pretty crazy idea. But you’ll nothing but amazed by Blackbox. More

If you’re a student, then this is a must have. If you’re a developer, then you’ll love this even more. AND, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching videos, webinars and meetings, then you’ll fall in love with this ❀️

Bottom line, I’m sure you know the struggle of wanting to grab that text from a video, image or a shared screen on zoom/teams/meet etc… but you just can’t. So now you have to take a screenshot, then retype the whole thing.

But not anymore, because Blackbox makes it possible to select text from anywhere on your screen.

It’s really simple. Having to type manually code or text showing in a video or an image is really a pain and waste of time.

Also, how painful is it to find the minute and second your need in long videos.

So, with Blackbox you just need to select the text – like taking a screenshot – but the big difference is that, under 500 milliseconds, those screenshots turn into text that you can paste anywhere.

Big PLUS for Developers: Any code you copy with BLACKBOX, you can paste it in your IDE…AND it preserves indentation 🀯

Big Big PLUS for everyone: Now you can search inside videos 😁

  • Unlimited Text copied from videos, images, PDFs, articles
  • Blazingly fast
  • Supports ALL languages – yes, every single language on planet earth
  • Preserves formatting and indentation (if you’re copying code)
  • Support 24/7 and response time less than 5 min

Get access to Blackbox today!