Simple, reliable, and affordable list cleaning shouldn’t be hard to find. Blaze Verify helps marketers and developers build powerful and effective marketing campaigns. More

Have you seen a decrease in your email campaign’s open rates or received warnings about high bounce rates?

If so, it’s time to meet Blaze Verify.

Blaze Verify makes maintaining a clean email list (and securing inbox placement) a breeze. Connect your email marketing platform or upload your list to get results in minutes.

Looking to verify at the point of capture? Easy! Just copy and paste one line of code.

Any devs out there? Reliable, and easy-to-integrate REST APIs are also available!

How does it work? For each email, Blaze Verify performs over 10 tests to ensure a mailbox exists and also provides valuable insights that identify your best leads, and which to avoid.

Some examples include:

• Filter free emails vs. business emails
• Find potential misspelled emails, with suggestions
• Find and remove duplicate email addresses & much more!

Get started today! Credits NEVER EXPIRE!