Build websites faster than ever with Blocks, an awesome and incredibly simple to use tool that will help you burn through your website prototyping time with holy fire. More

Visual Drag & Drop Bootstrap Website Generator

It features 100 Content Blocks, Headers, Navbars, Footers, Grids, and everything else you may need to roll out websites in record times.

As well as unsplash API integration to access thousands of free stock photos, 600+ Google Web Fonts, Material & FontAwesome Icons, built-in HTML, CSS, and JS editors.

A visual drag & drop interface where you can quickly and easily pick the elements you like, drop them where you want them, and see how the website will look by working directly in your browser, all in real time.

Included you’ll find 25 ready made templates, and the possibility to easily import/export projects and templates at any moment.


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