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Did you know the data you collect through the most popular survey platforms is not owned by you?Ā 

You pay with your dataĀ for using the free services of Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and others.

And then we are not even talking about the poor security of several popular survey tools.Ā Breaches, leaks and data mining are proof that we donā€™t have ownership of our data.

Meet BlockSurvey

In BlockSurvey Your Data Is 100% Yours, You Own It

Their privacy-first, fully secure Survey Platform is based onĀ blockchain technology. MeaningĀ you fully own your data.

In this way BlockSurveyĀ guarantees a fully secure endā€“toā€“end encryptionĀ to your responses, that only you can access.Ā Your data is yours, you own it.

ThisĀ fully secure survey suiteĀ is packed with features that make this a trueĀ All-in-One Survey PlatformĀ that you can use forĀ Lead Generation, Research, Questionaires, and much more:

  • Start a survey from scratch orĀ select a template from a huge 200+ template library.
  • Design the mostĀ beautiful forms and questionaires, fully branded, customized in your colors and images.
  • Share surveys on Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInĀ and much more in a single click.
  • Embed forms in any webpages, share a link or use the Conversational Survey Widgets, that look like a ā€˜chat boxā€™ on your website, that increase responses with up to 70%.
  • Get live in-depth analyticsĀ on your surveys and forms, word clouds, pie charts, a full sentiment analysis and much more.

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