Botbaba lets you design a bot in minutes. Your bot will lead to more sales and greater customer satisfaction. Automate your customer service with this user-friendly bot maker. More

The future of the past is now. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, lots of business owners around the world are wondering the same thing – how can AI help me?

Well the wait is over. It’s not just Google and Tesla who can use AI today, anyone can. Even those with little to no coding experience. Introducing, Botbaba. Botbaba’s intuitive chatbot builder allows you to build highly customizable chatbots that will take care of all your customer service needs.

Botbaba will change the game for your marketing and customer service. Botbaba’s chatbots integrate seamlessly with your website or WhatsApp business account.

Exclusive Supersize Deal

These plans are the result of a special collaboration between Botbaba and Saastronautics, to provide incredible value to any Saastronauts who might be running agencies or huge businesses. The deals are as follows:

  • Brand Builder: $999 – 200 chatbots per year, every year.
  • Marketing Master: $1499 – 500 chatbots per year, every year.
  • Agency: $1999 – 1000 chatbots per year, every year.

*Only 25 codes available for each plan

These extremely low-cost-per-unit plans are limited to 25 codes per deal. With the Agency plan, you would only need to charge clients $2/year for Botbaba’s chatbots in order to make back the investment in 1000 chatbots per year for life.

With the market rate for chatbot capabilities extending well beyond $100/year, this deal is a serious no-brainer for anyone who believes they can fully utilize such an immense amount of chatbot power.

And if you are worried because you already bought one of the regular plans, Botbaba got you! You can upgrade by just contacting the customer support.

Features to Maximize Your Reach

It is packed with 15 ready-to-use e-commerce features. Store branding allows you to design your bot to your brand’s unique persona.

SMS confirmation to customers allows you to send confirmation for every newly placed order. Multiple languageslet users select a preferred language.

Integrations to Scale Functionality

It has integrated with for Web Push Notifications. And with Publy Connect integration, you can create automated workflows.

It’s also tied up with Konnectzit so you wouldn’t worry about getting your day munched by time-consuming daily tasks.