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How does it work?

It helps you optimize your content for search engines in four easy steps:

  1. You enter the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for.
  2. Botimize will analyze the top 10 results for those keywords and give you suggestions to optimize your content.
  3. You use the content editor in Botimize to add keywords you need to include, get word count goals, and get an overall SEO score of your content while you are writing.
  4. Once you reach a score over 70, you can consider yourself properly optimized!

Rank higher on Google with simple content suggestions

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With our scoring system, all of your writing will be marked from 1-100 and you can easily see how well (or not so well) it is doing.

Plus, if you hit 70 or higher while writing – then congratulations! You’ve made a great piece of content that will surely impress readers everywhere.

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