Breakcold is a software that manages cold email outreach. Stand out from the crowd and build amazing sequences for your leads to get replies and close more sales. More

A cold email outreach software

Breakcold is a cold email outreach software. You can import leads, prepare your email sequences, track the open rate, reply rate, and more.

People don’t do follow-ups emails a lot. Stand out from the crowd and build amazing sequences for your leads to get replies and close more sales.

We also offer custom domain tracking, which is key for deliverability.

You can use our email finder feature if you only have the first name, last name and company name of your lead.

AI icebreakers for hyper personalized cold emails

Breakcold helps you create hyper personalize first lines, aka icebrebakers.

In bulk or 1 by 1, generate personalize icebreakers depending on the LinkedIn URL or Website URL of your prospect.

After talking with many pros, most people are unhappy with current solutions: bad english grammar, weak sentences. Our goal is to don’t offer 50 AI possibilities but to aim for quality.

Discover the key features of Breakcold

Unlimited email sending – No limitation in the amount of emails you can send per day.

Bulk AI import – Generate AI icebreakers in bulk when you import leads with a CSV.

LinkedIn AI icebreakers – LinkedIn icebreakers are generated depending on many criteria such as the bio, volunteering experience or awards.

Unlimited email campaigns – No limitations in the number of campaigns you can create.

Community cold email templates – Create your own templates and use the ones from our community directly in Breakcold.

Website AI icebreakers – Website icebreakers works the best with the homepage of businesses (traditional or startups), blog posts soon.

Unlimited email sequences – Add as many steps as you want to your email sequences.

Custom tracking domain – Highly important to nail your deliverability, requested by pros, built 1 day after.

Support by chat and knowledge base – We’re always here to help you out, 7 days a week as soon as possible. We’re base in France (CET).

The sales productivity tool that brings your cold emails to life!

Today, you can get lifetime access to Breakcold!

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