BuhoCleaner is a brand new Mac cleaning app that is made for reclaiming free storage and boosting performance on macOS Big Sur. More

BuhoCleaner is a new and exciting Mac cleaning app that is made for boosting your Mac performance.

With this handy Mac Cleaner app, you can keep your Mac hard drive storage fit and always running blazingly fast.

Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance

Feel your Mac running slow? BuhoCleaner can terminate these unresponsive windows and reduce slow loading time.

With Multiple-layered Mac Speed-up method, you can reload your Mac with ram-consuming tasks and and it will still run like it came straight out of the box.

Clean Up Mac Junk Cache, In One Tap

Does your Mac feel bloated and running slower than normal? Not a problem. BuhoCleaner gives you an instant Mac cleaning and maintenance solution by wiping out those temporary files, app leftovers, and your system cache.

Completely Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use

Do you know moving an app to the Trash will not uninstall it completely? These app leftovers still remain on your Mac taking up a lot of storage.

Let BuhoCleaner remove these unwanted applications the right way.

Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap

It’s tough to free up disk space from a full hard drive. BuhoCleaner is an excellent tool for macOS that can list all your large files and allow you to get rid of useless ones in one click.

Probably the most efficient means to get your storage cleaned up.

Built-in Duplicate File Remover Widget

The Copy-and-Paste gesture makes it easy to create duplicated files on your Mac.

But to locate these duplicates would be tedious on macOS. BuhoCleaner is built with the Duplicate File Remover feature that allows you to scan all identical files and clean them up all at one go.

Perfectly Optimized For macOS Big Sur

From the inner code, to the viewable UI design, BuhoCleaner knows what’s the best for the revamped Safari, iMessages and all the new features in macOS Big Sur.

By doing so, BuhoCleaner will bring you a whole new experience for wiping out the macOS system clutter.

Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner and More

If you use your Mac as a dev workstation, maybe you’ve noticed that the Xcode and similar tools become bloated over time.

BohuCleaner brings a solution letting you delete a load of Xcode orphaned simulators, freeing up huge amounts of space.

Incredible Performance On Apple M1 Chip

Thanks to the revolutionary Apple M1 chip, BuhoCleaner can now deliver about 3X faster speed on indexing all macOS system remnants, orphans and leftovers.

This way, you can get rid of all these junks at just a glance.