Managing the servers, Protecting the website & applications from intruders, Automatic backups, and a lot of other tech jargon. More

Between you & us (non-techies), we have one thing in common.

Managing the servers, Protecting the website & applications from intruders, Automatic backups, and a lot of other tech jargon.

All you need is a single dashboard from where we can manage the entire tech operations, which includes but not limited to handling the servers, installing & moving apps, protecting them, scaling-up, etc.

With the powerful automation features like load balancing, autoscaling, fine-tuning, Bunnyshell ensures that your website/application can handle any amount of traffic

Installing a new application on your Server is no more a rocket science



Connect your Virtual Servers to your Bunnyshell account, and the performance of the websites & apps hosted will be tuned for maximum performance round the clock.

Site Reliability Robot will point out how to optimize your configuration to perform better.


Load balancing

When there is a heavy load of traffic, it will be evenly distributed across multiple servers to ensure a smooth performance.


When the number of servers isn’t enough, Bunnyshell will automatically increase or decrease the number of servers, based on the load, so that you can fully function at any time.


Uptime/Downtime monitoring

You can set up the uptime & downtime alerts to your slack and email, to any number of users.

Custom Alerts

There are no limits on the number of alerts you want to set. From Business KPIs to Data Flow, Granular triggers to Applications, you can set up the alerts based on your business needs.


You can schedule cron jobs to run, specify the packages to install on your next deployment, setup commands to run, etc.


Log Aggregation

You get complete transparency with Bunnyshell. From Server logs to Security logs, Cron job logs to Access logs, you get all the details inside your account.

Firewall Protection

Running a business that should be accessible to a private network? Grant access only to specific IP addresses.

SSL installation

Generate Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates automatically, or install your own certificates.


File Management

Manage the files & folders, and set permissions on various access levels to suit your organization’s needs.

Auto backups

Setup & Schedule automated backups for your applications, or generate one when you need manually.

Full server cloning

Create a clone from your existing web server, or an application to another server of your choice.


Are you handling various businesses or your client accounts? You can create & manage as many organizations as you want from a single login.