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The threat landscape is becoming more complex.

300% spike in cybercrime during the COVID-19 pandemic. 57% of attacks are missed by traditional antivirus solutions. 69% spend more time managing tools than defending against threats.

What if you could rely on just one integrated solution ?

Which will boost your monthly revenue because you are not worrying about your device and data anymore.

Which will cut your cyber protection costs by up to 50%.

Which delivers unmatched cyber protection with next generation AI-powered technologies.

All services managed from one place

Remove the complexity and risks associated with non-integrated solutions

Smarter use of resources

Faster operations with integration and automation lets your team focus on your clients

Total peace of mind for your business

Focus on your business growth . Your device is in safe hand.

Vulnerability assessment

Keep your data safer by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your system. With our vulnerability assessments, you can scan your machines for vulnerabilities to ensure that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date and can’t be exploited by cybercriminals.

Exploit Prevention

With exploit prevention you can stop and prevent attacks from happening with memory protection, return-oriented programming protection, code injection protection and privilege escalation protection.

Ransomware protection

Data has become the world’s most important resource, and cybercriminals are extorting organizations around the world for theirs every day.

Ransomware threatens your customer and employee data, trade secrets, even your business’s very existence.

CAL Defense solutions use next-generation cyber defense to stop ransomware in its tracks — even variants that have never been seen before.

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