CertifyMe helps trainers, teachers, event marketers and HR pros award the most secure and trusted digital certificates and badges. More

CertifyMe.Online is an end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing your Digital Certificate and Badges.

Reduce the manual effort spent in issuing and maintaining your credential process. Our Automation reduces up to 100% of the mundane task associated with the credential-issuing process.

We also provide API access for enabling 100% automation.

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Each of our credentials is enabled with a unique QR Code to establish seamless traceability.

Your credentials can further be linked with the awardee’s unique identity like a Passport number, Social security number, Driving license, etc to ensures the awarded Digital Credentials can never be forged.

Digital credentials being shared across social media by an awardee can drastically help improve your existing branding and digital marketing initiatives.

Our certificates are also customizable to include a branding banner advertisement and a CTA button.

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