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With Chatbotize, you can build your powerful chat experiences with ready-to-use plugins in minutes. More

Engage, Sell & Support with the Power of Conversational Marketing!

Your next potential customer could be trying to contact you on your Facebook page.

Or, they could be trying to find the contact form on your website.

Wait, contact forms are so 90’s. A better solution is having Live chat, but you cannot stay awake 24×7.

You need an Omni-channel solution to convert your leads to customers across Facebook, Website, Chat etc.

What if you can also automate that? And you can keep a track of all the conversations with the power of Unified Inbox that Chatbotize offers.

With Chatbotize, you can build your powerful chat experiences with ready-to-use plugins in minutes.

  • Unified Inbox to view all your conversations at one place;
  • Push notifications to follow up;
  • 30+ Plugins to Automate your Marketing, Sales & Support;
  • AI & built-in NLP to Train your bots.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to build bots using Chatbotize.

With the long list of plugins offered, you can build & take your bot live in less than an hour.

Chatbotize bots are interacting with more than 1 million people, each month.

From Surveys to Quizzes, Contests to Votes, Maps to Newsletters, Puzzles to Promo codes, Events to QR codes, Chatbotize pretty much covers everything you need.

Plus, you only need to build the bot once & you can take it to live on your website, Facebook ads, Facebook pages, Whatsapp, etc.

Not only that, the advanced analytics gets you all the data to see how your prospects/customers are responding to your bots.

This also includes analytics based on gender and other segmentation.

Chatbotize also makes it easier to automate the “bot to human takeover”, with the help of a plugin.

You can define where the interaction with the bot has to be stopped, and where you (or) your VA will take over, to chat with your customers.

If you find your customer has left the chat in a middle, you can also follow them up via built-in Push Notifications.

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