Classtra has all the tools you need to manage in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning experiences in one single platform. More

You’re a master. Whether it’s coding, philosophy, or Jedi mind tricks, you want to share your knowledge with the world.

But between payments, student information, feedback, live meeting apps, plus email & SMS management, you’re racking up over 12 different tools every time you hold a class.

Classtra is ready to integrate with your current site in a matter of minutes.

Create recordings, presentations, polls, chats, external video playing synchronized to live participants, and more.

Set up video conferences, live chats, and presentations with ease

With different payment options, you can create memberships, installments, sibling discounts, bundles or packages, and refunds.

Manage instructors and their courses through the clean and organized Classtra dashboard

You can even create custom registration forms for specific genders or age groups.

Create specialized registration forms for specific age groups, gender, or other fields of your choice

When your virtual class is about to start, notify students by SMS text and email with a link to join.

Send messages, alerts, or video recordings via email to the recipients in a given list

With lesson planning and grading, managing a course is enough work as it is.

Classtra is the all-in-one-platform that makes running your own course a no-brainer.