Efficiently manage your inbox with only a few clicks with this Email Cleaner’s filters, groups & segments. More

Change the way you manage your emails with Clean Email.

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner that empowers you to take control of your mailbox.

It relies on powerful rules and filters you can define to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify useful and clean up useless emails with a few clicks.

This email cleaner provides you with pre-created smart views of your email inbox and lets you easily apply any action.

Clean Email also protects you from receiving unwanted emails from nosy marketers and lets you define your upcoming emails into types to save you more time!

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  • Combine emails from all over your mailbox into a single screen w/ easy-to-select actions to be applied;
  • Explore pre-created smart views of your email inbox;
  • Manage your inbox w/ any number of emails & apply any action with a few clicks;
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails & block nosy marketers;
  • Apply selected rules & actions to emails arriving in your mailbox;
  • Define what types of emails you think important in the ‘Protected’, the ‘Friends and Family’ lists & the ‘Coworkers’ sections;
  • Remove thousands of emails by directly communicating w/ your mailbox “server-to-server”.