With Clipman you can easily create irresistible video ads that turbo-charge your sales, customers & profits. More

There’s a reason you can watch those Tasty 30-second recipe videos for hours – video content is more compelling than static content.

And the proof is in the (very quickly made) pudding: video ads are way more effective at increasing sales and conversions.

But if you’ve ever tried creating video ads, you know it’s a frustrating and lengthy process.

That is, unless you have Clipman by your side

It is a web tool used to create product videos in just minutes that boost e-commerce marketing and drive sales.

Video ads created with Clipman can be used to sell products on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Clipman videos can also be used to drive traffic, engage viewers, and increase clickthrough rates in email campaigns.

It’s point-and-click functionality makes it easy to create beautiful video ads quickly using video clips and images you already have!

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