Get a powerful assistant that will help you keep track and run tests on your clients’ websites performance and bugs in various browsers, browser versions, and platforms. More

If you care about Quality Assurance, you know that it’s a time-consuming task and also uses a lot of resources.

There could be potential issues when you run a QA such as website-browser incompatibility issues, visual and functional bugs of a website under certain circumstances, high recurring cost, consumption of time due to multiple virtual machines, and much more.

What if we tell you that you only have to submit the web page – test address and check the results as same as a digital QA? Wouldn’t that be fast and resolve all of your above problems too?

Comparium – A Cross-Browser website testing tool that runs the website testing of your web apps to check for potential visual bugs in different browsers, operating systems, and resolutions.

Сomparium is a set of online tools that allows you to test the visual part of a site or application on most platforms and browsers.

The service will show you the most inconspicuous differences in site versions for each of the browsers and will save you from installing a lot of unnecessary software and buying expensive equipment.

Convenient detection of incompatibilities with 4 modes of manual and one mode of automating testing as well as real-time testing makes Сomparium the best assistant for each tester and developer.

Browser screenshots testing

Automatically create screenshots both on several browsers and operating systems and easily compare full page responsive layouts.

Make your web resource compatible with multiple configurations and parameters.

Value and reasons for visual testing

This is a process of detecting and analyzing any visual discrepancies with the design. Testing graphical interfaces is far from the easiest process as interfaces are complex and multi-component, and the test matrix of various devices and screen resolutions is often too large and requires a lot of time to check.

Find visual errors before your customers find them

OS/browser configurations – Get more testing power by using the screen capture engine to visually inspect your website across hundreds of configurations of OSes and browsers.

Easily compare the received screenshots and achieve a pixel-perfect image 

Visual comparison plays an essential role in website testing. Thanks to Comparium you can easily check visual incompatibilities of your web resource comparing taken screenshots with each other both manually and automatically.

Live Browser Testing 

Check the functionality of features on your website as the end-user in real-time in order to produce bug-free service. Interact with web resources via remote infrastructure and check their behavior and layout.

Interactive Testing

Get instant access to any OS/browser configurations and use them as if they were installed on your own computer.

Remote access

Wherever you are there will always be a set of operating systems and browsers at your service so you do not need to buy and maintain your own farm of devices.


Comparium uses SSL certificates to protect your work that guarantee anonymity and security from infection. All data is deleted after each session.