Connected is a file transfer service that combines identity verification and encrypted messaging to help businesses secure their communications and data. More

What happens to your files after you send them to a client or collaborator?

While you’d like to think that they always arrive safely with no third parties peeking in, constant security breaches can make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie (without the cool cars).

The good news is, there’s a simple way to send secure files that only the intended recipient sees.

Introducing Connected

Connected offers all the tools you need to handle secure data communications while reducing risk and ensuring compliance with data processing laws like GDPR and HIPPA.

All you need to send a secure file is the recipient’s email address, and Connected takes care of the rest.

Securely send files up to 5GB with the confidence that only the intended recipient can access them

If you want an additional layer of security, you can also enable Two-Factor Authentication for accessing your vault, which requires a one-time passcode from your mobile phone.

Connected guarantees the authenticity of the files you receive, allowing you to view the verified identity and authenticity of the sender.

Connected helps you say goodbye to spam and block distractions from people you don’t want to hear from by letting you control who can contact you and send files.

With Connected’s customizable inbox, you have control over who contacts you and sends files

Connected secures data communications, helping you stay safe, boost efficiency, and comply with data laws.

Now that’s file protection you can count on.