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If you’re worried about the iOS 14 update and the future of Facebook Ads…

I feel your pain.

In fact, I’ll be the first one to admit:

I was deeply worried about the iOS 14 and how it’d affect my business.

After spending $3 million of my own money on Facebook Ads and helping over 27,000 small businesses, media buyers, and agency owners grow with Facebook Ads…

I discovered an ETHICAL strategy to game the Facebook Ads platform, that’s 100% compliant & safe to use!

But don’t worry…

I’m NOT going to tease you about a high-ticket course on how to use this never-seen-before strategy to double and triple your own business with Facebook Ads in 2021 and beyond.

Short-term hacks don’t get you anywhere with Facebook Ads…

That’s why any strategy I use on my business must have strong foundations and it shouldn’t rely on short-term gimmicks.

So, if you’re wondering my plan for the post iOS 14 world…

I’m going to bet my next $3,000,000 ad spend on… (a new type of) VIDEO AUDIENCE!


Because video is the best way to get people to know, like, and trust you…

But that’s NOT all…

I have 5 reasons to believe in the future of video audiences on Facebook.

  • The reliable solution after the iOS 14 update.
  • Guaranteed to work FOREVER (despite all future updates).
  • Reach your target audience 52x longer than usual!
  • Unmatched segmentation for increased relevance.
  • Video audiences are profitable!

I came up with Super Video Audiences to make this process easier & faster for you, which also adds secrets superpowers to your ads account that was never available before!

And here’s the best part:

This is NOT a course that you need to learn and master to be able to use effectively.

It’s a unique software solution based on a breakthrough technology…

That you can start using in 2 minutes from now…

Introducting ConnectVideo

ConnectVideo is a brand-new tool that helps you create profitable “Super Video Audiences” in seconds

It took us months of development and thousands of lines of code..

What used to take hours inside the Facebook Ads Manager…

Now takes seconds for you by using ConnectVideo!

PLUS, it gives secret superpowers to any Facebook Ads account.

It’s like magic…

You set ConnectVideo once, and every new video you upload to your Facebook account in the future automagically gets added to the list without you lifting a finger.

And it works with Instagram videos too.

Which means…

It’s much more powerful and versatile than regular video audiences you can create using Facebook’s native tools…


In just 2 steps, you can create a more powerful and versatile custom audience.


Every new video you’ll add in the future gets automatically included.

Bigger Audience

Because you can select up to 500 existing videos automatically, and reap all the benefits of having a bigger and more targeted audience.

And it’s easier than any other Facebook Ads tool out there

ConnectVideo is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you

So that you reap the rewards almost without lifting a finger!

ConnectVideo is our latest tool for Facebook advertisers and it truly is revolutionary…

For our existing tools, thousands of small business owners and digital marketers pay us $97 per month…

Which adds up to $1,164 per year.

Now, $1,164 per year is real-life value because we’re continuously improving and optimizing our tools to keep them compliant and working with Facebook’s latest changes (without you lifting a finger, and without you knowing about any of these technical details).

But today I’m NOT going to ask you to pay this much — although I know I can.

In fact.

I’m Going To Do Something Even Crazier…

And I’m going to make this a no-brainer offer by adding never-seen-before bonuses


“Videos That Grow Your Business” Crash Course


Private Invitation to LIVE Webinar: “(Re)targeting In a Post-iOS 14 World”


30-Day Free Trial to ConnectSuite with full access to Inner Circle Workshops

But That’s NOT All…

You’ll Also Get Access To Our Monthly “Inner Circle” Workshops

We run these workshops on the first Wednesday of each month.

Month after month, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Facebook™ Ads, funnel strategies, email marketing, and more…

Why do all the hard work yourself if you can automate it?

And steal the top strategies of highly-sought-after advertisers of our industry.

Get the ConnectVideo Lifetime Deal today!


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