Constric is a grid-based vector drawing software with which you can create abstract, brand visuals, and imagery that make a statement. More

With Constric you can scale vector-based images to a larger size without losing the image quality as they are not made up of dots. With this  grid-based vector drawing software, you can easily create the following drawing elements:

  1. Line – Created by joining any 2 points on the grid
  2. Arcs – Add curves to your images
  3. Bezier – Create complex shapes
  4. Close – Create closed shapes on your grid
  5. Line Cap – 3 line cap styles to choose from: Rounded End Cap, Flat Edge, and Square End.

It can be used to create icons, branding, logos, illustrations, and more.

  • It supports layers,
  • Comes with the full SVG specs, and
  • Also provides additional effects such as mirroring and radial drawing.
  • Exports to both PNG and SVG files.

Moreover, you can easily fill and change the color of any shape you have created with Constric. You can apply mirror effects and rotate your image vertically, horizontally (180 degrees).

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