Create unlimited number of content snippets using our simple and friendly interface. Use the WordPress shortcode or HTML snippet editor to create your content snippet. More

Content Snippet Manager plugin allow you to include every kind of code inside your WordPress website.

Thanks to our plugin, you can put each code inside the header, footer, final thank you page of WooCommerce, post excerpt or post content and create unlimited combinations for your scripts, choosing each post, page, custom post, category and taxonomy where your script needs to be loaded.

Content Snippet Manager is compatible with every kindle of script and shortcode, like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google AdWords Remarketing, Google Adsense,Amazon affiliate banners and much more.

You can also load a conversion tracking code only inside the thank you page of WooCommerce when an user purchase a specific product and, on the pro version, use our dynamic conversion values to include one or more parameters from the order, like the total, the customer name or email address.

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