Generate 3x more leads with targeted popups and messages

ConvertBox is an on-site personalization and messaging tool that can show targeted messages based on visitor behavior.

It allows you to send more relevant and highly targeted messages to your ideal customers at the right time and moment.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Imagine going to a website, loving the content that they provide and so you subscribed to their newsletter to receive their lead magnet…

When you went back to their website for another piece of valuable content, you're shown an offer that's relevant.

This offer is personalized only for you…

Because it's highly relevant to your ideal prospect, they'll engage and respond a lot better.

This will also prevent you from sending marketing messages when people are not ready to buy from you.

Sounds too good to be true?

But it is true.

ConvertBox can show personalized messages based on tags and advanced behavioral triggers like if a user visits a particular URL on your website or do some action, and many more.

Here's Some of What You Get Inside of ConvertBox:

  • Boost Your Conversions with Two-Step Calls-to-Action: The 2-step process which only reveals your call to action when a visitor shows interest in your offer.
  • Create Urgency with Powerful Countdown Timers: Create urgency for your offers with built-in countdown timers. Set the timer to run on autopilot, starting when the visitor first hits the page, or end on a specific time and date.
  • Call-to-Action Videos & Images: Grab attention the moment a visitor clicks your offer with a personal video or an image of your product directly inside your ConvertBox!
  • Intelligent Bar Trigger Rules: With ConvertBox's easy to use advanced bar rules you can select exactly when you want a bar to show on your page and how often.
  • Segment visitors and leads with multi-choice selections: Show visitors multiple choice and multiple step options so you can easily segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers and content specific to their interests and goals.
  • Guide visitors through every stage of your sales process: Set campaign goals and automatically ascend visitors through each stage of your sales process guiding them from new visitor to qualified lead to customer.
  • Split test your message and see exactly what works: ConvertBox makes split testing your message quick and easy. Simply create a variation of your message, select a goal and quickly learn from the real-time data what converts the best.
  • Designed for maximum conversions on all devices: Over 50% of web traffic is now using a mobile device which is why ConvertBox has been specifically designed to look great and maximize your conversions no matter what device your visitors are using.

Right now, ConvertBox has a LIFETIME offer (that ends very soon), whereas most competitors are charging between $97/month for a similar feature.

Get ConvertBox lifetime deal now!

Good popup tool


What do you like best?

Convertbox is a nice tool for get the visitor atention, and stop abandoment.

- Easy to use design editor

- Up to date design

- 2 steps pop up

- countdown

- nice integration

- segment leads

- If this... then logic

- Powerful behaviour targeting rules

The best is the targeting rules and the easy implementation

What do you dislike?

Would be nice if have more option for the design.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Is a really nice tool, perfect for personal branding, or ecom, like cart abandonment.

Convertbox is the best targeting app with layer and interrupts options.

Ale R.


Split Testing Featured Blog5

Meet the new Convertbox split testing features and integrations 😍

Convertbox keeps growing! You can now easily create and manage multiple design variations of your ConvertBox directly inside our visual editor. All with just a few clicks! 🔥

And… As part of this big update, the stats page has also had a new update and redesign to make it super easy to track your test variations and quickly see what's performing best.

I've shot you a quick video to walk you through all these powerful new split testing features, check it out on our blog 👇

Also, they've released new native integrations for Platformly, which allows you to segment users by adding/removing tags using powerful form actions.

They also have more exciting big features in the pipeline coming soon!

Here are just SOME of the new features in CB 2.0.

  • New drag & drop visual editor (contains 100s new features)
  • Fast and easy mobile editor
  • New high-converting frameworks
  • Flexible split layouts
  • Fire custom scripts on specific steps (eg Facebook Pixels)
  • Quick undo/redo options
  • Create and manage steps independently
  • Quickly clone elements or entire steps
  • New segmentation options
  • New text link actions
  • Add your own custom HTML elements
  • Account-wide image library
  • Vertical element spacing
  • Built-in Google Analytics Integration
  • New redesigned dashboard
  • Improved detailed stats
  • And MUCH more…

Click here to check out all the features!

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