Creattie is a set of pre-designed animations for your app or website. With Creattie, you’ll get to save time and effort when it comes to the animation part of your project. More

Creattie is the world’s first premium Lottie library.

Lottie is a lightweight, JSON-based animation format that plays on any device or browser.

It’s widely used by designers and developers to improve the interaction of websites and apps.

The vector structure of Lottie allows users to scale animations without losing the quality of the picture and without increasing file size.

UI designers and marketers choose Creattie because

  • The extensive selection of animated icons and illustrations.
  • Every single design is hand-selected.
  • Our artwork is available as an animation or in a static version.
  • All Lottie animations belong to a cohesive collection in the same design style.

Also, with Creattie editor, you can customize

  • Colors
  • Stroke width
  • Animation speed
  • And choose the interaction (play on hover, loop animation, or loop on hover)

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